Green Valley Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy vs MRSA

From the back of the book:

"Maggie has been at the forefront of research into aromatherapy to fight MRSA since the time we founded MRSA Support in 2003, knowing that this traditional treatment had great benefits. It is exciting to know that evidence into its efficacy has now been scientifically proven."

Tony Field, Chairman MRSA Support (2003-2009)

Essential oils are known to have antimicrobial properties - this book tells you which ones are powerful enough to kill MRSA

Find out how to protect yourself against MRSA before a hospital visit.

See how widely MRSA has spread around the globe.

Read the scientific evidence into alternatives to antibiotics.

Find out why manuka is a powerful would healer.

Far from being a hospital bug, MRSA is widespread in the community in many parts of the world.

MRSA is a zoonotic disease affecting pets, horses and food animals, and can be transferred between humans and animals.

159 pages