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Chakra Blend - Crown

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A pure essential oil blend of Chamomile, Geranium, Orange and Palmarosa for the seventh chakra, located at the top of the skull.

It governs the pineal gland, central nervous system, depression and migraines. It is associated with elevated spiritual consciousness (perfection, integration/unity, divine wisdom and purpose, bliss, understanding and enlightenment. It is connected to the color violet and the thought process.

Some crystals associated with this chakra are clear quartz, amythyst, white tourmaline, snowy quartz and the herkimer diamond.

The chakra blends can be used in the bath (5-6 drops per full tub), in massage oils, diffused in a burner, blended into a room spray or simply dotted onto a tissue and carried with you throughout your day for inhalation when necessary.