Green Valley Aromatherapy

Nurturance Blend

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So many people carry a scared, neglected and lonely little child within their spirit. Our Nurturance blend was created to help envelop this delicate little one into a gentle fragrant embrace.

We used Bitter Orange for its loving and peaceful nature. It helps to encourage self recognition and offers relief from our inner demons.

Rose Geranium offers a gentle hand of comfort to the frightened inner child and helps us to open our hearts while encouraging us to begin the journey to healing our inner pain.

Petitgrain can help us to see ahead and begin to form a link with our inner truth. It encourages gentle srength and empathetic connection to the human spirit.

Finally, Patchouli was added because it is a fragrance of action, helping us to move forward and make things happen. It allows us to appreciate the sacredness of life and encourages one's sense of knowing.