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Rose Hydrosol

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“Smells almost exactly like a fresh rose. Highly complex, sublime odor with the lemony edge particular to the true old varieties of rose used in distillation. Moist, cool, intensely floral scent and taste.” Suzanne Catty, Hydrosols: the Next Aromatherapy.

Rose hydrosol is a natural humectant, helping to add moisture to the skin. This hydrosol is wonderful in skincare for normal to dry, mature, sensitive, and devitalized skin. Rose hydrosol is cooling and mildly astringent. It can be used in steams, compresses and masks. Spray it on your clothes or bedding for its wonderful smell.

It can be used in the bath for relaxation and rejuvenation or in a sitz bath post partum for helping to heal. It may help with menopausal symptoms as well as PMS, cramping and moodiness. Spray it on your face throughout the day to feel refreshed and pampered. This hydrosol is grown under organic conditions in Tunisia, however it does not have organic certification.

pH 4.1- 4.4

More Information: A MSDS sheet is available for this product.