Green Valley Aromatherapy

Solace Blend

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In times of grieving we can feel isolated and separated from life as we knew it. What used to feel familiar can suddenly feel out of place and lost. Solace was created to help you work through the grief and gently guide you through the dark, back into the sunshine once again.

To help give strength we added the soothing properties of Bergamot.

Benzoin is cushioning and protective to help encourage comfort and peace. In a more peaceful state of being you are better able to make choices that must be made by the heart.

To help calm the senses, we used Marjoram, to enable a sense of peacefulness to envelop an unsettled mind.

To help encourage warmth, sensitivity, harmony and peace we included Sandalwood. This beautifully rich oil has a gentle relaxing effect, to help calm and encourage you.

Contains: Bergamot, Benzoin, Marjoram and Sandalwood.