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Transitions Blend

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We all know that change is usually a very difficult thing to affect. There is seldom a straight line associated with change, so finding support while in transition is always beneficial. The Transitions blend can be a part of your support team.

Black Pepper has a warming effect and stimulates blood flow to help with lethargy and fatigue. It was added to promote strength and fortitude, qualities we need to be fearless in our quest for change.

Geranium was added to help offer the warm hand of comfort. Considered in aromatherapy to be a balancing oil, it can help to promote acceptance and healing.

Lemon is a great oil to uplift and improve focus, and also stimulates the immune system to help you feel your best.

Rosemary was used in this blend as it is considered to be a mental stimulant, supporting clarity as we make decisions and adjust to new situations.