Green Valley Aromatherapy


General Properties

  • analgesic
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-depressant
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-infectious
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-septic
  • aphrodisiac
  • cell stimulant
  • immune stimulant
  • sedative


Rosewood essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the Rosewood tree.

Rosewood has a sweet, woody scent and is a very safe oil. It is non-toxic and not irritating.

It is known for a variety of healing properties. It is said to assist with candida, depression, debility, overwork, acne and other skin conditions, scars, wrinkles, headaches (especially when added to Lavender essential oil, nausea, aphrodisiac and jet lag.

Rosewood essential oil is particularly well known for it immuno-stimulant and anti-depressant properties, making it an excellent choice for people with compromised immune systems and those suffering from depression.

Specific Cautions

There are no specific cautions for this essential oil.


Information about this essential oil came from the following sources:

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Note and Disclaimer

The information and opinions provided here are for general educational purposes only and do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult a suitably qualified medical practitioner to ensure that you will not have any medical problems from any of our products.

Product Specifications

Botanical Name: Aniba rosaeodora
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Appearance: Clear Liquid with yellow tinge
Solubility in Oil: Soluble
Solubility in Water: Insoluble
Solubility in Alcohol: Soluble
Safety Information: Please read the safety information associated with this product carefully.