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  • I just received my order. Everything was perfect and you have the best packing. Jackie, Jan 2015
  • I used some of the oils to make some Christmas gifts and I was quite pleased with them. I have also found the guide to essential oils, which was included in my order, very informative and useful. Thank you for following up on my order. I look forward to trying more of your products in my next order. Tracie, Jan 2015
  • Everything has arrived in excellent condition, I was very impressed with the packaging! I've been very happy with the products and am enjoying them very much! Joan, Jan 2015
  • Everything landed safe 'n' sound and in good time! Love your products Suzie, June 2014
  • I am absolutely thrilled with your products and they all have arrived in exceptional shape. Thank you for caring. I am placing another order today. Olivia, Nov 2013
  • Products arrived in wonderful condition. Thank you. Very satisfied. Amanda, March 2013
  • Thank you for contacting me. I'm sorry but I normally let my suppliers know when my products arrive and I neglected to do that for you. Everything arrived safely and speedily. I've already been sharing your name and high praises for your service. I look forward to purchasing more products from you in the future. :) Leah, October 2012
  • I just received my order of oils today. THANK YOU!!!!!!! They are wonderful, I can tell they are high quality! Worth every penny. Will be ordering from you again for sure! Jennifer, Sept 2012
  • I am very happy with your company so far, and look forward to a great relationship going forward. Shipping is fast and reasonable and the products have gotten a great response in my studio. I am just studying chakras and will be ordering more of the chakra oils in the near future. Laura, May 2012
  • Thanks for your letter. Everything arrived and I'm very happy. I'm looking forward to the next order! Stephanie, Dec 2011
  • Thank you for taking the time to follow up with me. My order arrived safe and sound in better time than I was guessing for crossing borders. Packaging and products are great!!! I really LOVE the Headache roll-on and plan to get more soon! Virginia, Sept 2011
  • Thank you so much, what great customer service! I'm just a beginner but really enjoy what I'm learning so far. Thank you for the follow up email, I will definitely order again. Angela, May 2011
  • The products are great and your service was excellent. Had my order within a few days. Liana, March 2011
  • I did receive the items that I ordered. Everything was good, you guys are very fast with your shipping. I will definitely be ordering with you again soon, there are a few things that I need. I will look at your website. Thanks so much! Joezi, Feb 2011
  • Good Morning...I've now had two orders from your company and I wanted to say thank you. Your products all seem to be of high quality (I'm new, you're setting the benchmark). The shipped orders arrive in a timely manner and they are always packed with care and attention to protecting them. Your ordering system is simple and easy to use and you show attention to customer service and satisfaction. Having been involved in the web for many years as a developer (since 1998), I've seen and had a broad range of experiences with many businesses on the net. You and your company really outshine a LOT of companies out there on many levels. I'm enjoying learning Aromatherapy, slowly building stock and supplies and doing lots of testing. I've created a couple blends for wintery hands using carrier oils and essential oils from you as part of my learning and those using it rave about how good it is and how great the carrier oils are. You're making me look good! I'll be ordering lots from you as I continue learn and after I learn. Your quality, attention and customer service has won a new long term customer. Thank you and keep up the great work!!!! JM, Dec 2010
  • Hello... I LOVE your products! You have earned your place as my store! I will be getting everything from you from now on. Not only are your products exceptional, but your service is superb! Well done! Thank you. K, Dec 2010.
  • I rec'd my order quickly, and in good shape. I moved away from the Valley last year, but was a long time resident, and have used your product(s) for many years. I'm sooooo happy they are available on the internet, not only for their quality and many uses, but it's like having a little bit of home here. I use my oils everyday - thru nebulizers, oil rings on my lamps, and in my Reiki practise. your stuff. MS, Aug 2010
  • Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy the new format of your newsletter. You are always one step ahead of your competition. The newsletter is bright and cheery and easy to read. Thanks for sending it to me. TC, June 2009.
  • Thanks for your email! I LOVE the products. I've been enjoying the scentball and trying the different oils I ordered around the house. I'm also hoping to put some scent strips out using the citronella to try to cut down on the house flies. This just seems to be the season for them, doesn't it. I really appreciated you including your colour brochure with so many examples of how to use the oils. Thank you so much!" Kate, June 2009.
  • "Thank you for contacting me personally about my recent order. A few weeks later, I had my regular periodontal appointment. At my previous appointment I had a bleeding rate of 30% which caused a lot of concern and talk of special treatments. This time, after using Essential Smile for two weeks or so, the rate was down to 19%. I told my hygenist about using essential oils and she said whatever, keep on with it. Very satisfying. C. Lonero, April 2009
  • My father died in February of this year after almost 12 years of dealing with cancer. The final 16 days in spite of everyone's best efforts were dreadful. Although we were in a Hospice we couldn't achieve much peace. As Dad declined I purchased your Final Journey Spiritual Blend. At the time I first smelled it I didn't think it seemed particularly soothing or anything. Wasn't sure what to expect really. However when we were in the hospice that very quickly changed. They have aroma releasers on the walls etc. for obvious reasons and they weren't too bad but of course had that artificial sort of smell. I began putting Final Journey on Dad's pillow and we managed to create at least in a small way our own world. Dad was a strong proud man and as you struggle to maintain some dignity this matters. The nurses would come in and say it smelled nice in our room. It became a solace to me and my family in a subtle and pervasive way. I have no recollection of any odors but that comforting one (except for the occasional blast of the hospice atomizers) and in a room where a dying man struggled for 16 days that is quite amazing. You of all people know the importance of this for the living as well as the dying. Thank you. - PM. Oct. 18, 2007.
  • Green Valley Aromatherapy products are superb, finally after many, many tries to find exceptional quality essential oils I have found them. All the staff at Green Valley have always been excellent in answering all my questions and getting products to me when needed at the very last moment. I fully trust their direction and wonderful support in bringing my products to their full potential! Thank you so much Green Valley Team! Kerry, Deep Cove, B.C. - Apr 26, 2007
  • I don’t normally respond to follow up mail, but was so impressed with your products I had to share this info with you. I am a massage and myoskeletal therapist and have been practicing natural medicine for years, mostly with nutritionals for immune support along with headache and stomach issues. Because of the nature of my business people often call my home with with a request for natural and home remedies for a lot of things. I offer free info and only when I’m asked, many of these people have become my extended family. Twice in the last two weeks I have used a blend of your oils with miraculous results. Both times mothers called me with children who had been sick with respiratory issues, had been on antobiotics, one three times to no avail. The mothers both called when the children were coughing so hard they could hardly breathe. They said "they just didn’t know what to do" and I could tell they were scared. One of the calls was at 10:15 at night. I had the mother put the child in a warm (not hot) Epsom Salts bath with a remedy I made from your oils (her husband picked them up at 10:30 at night). I had the boy who is age 6, sipping on ice water in the tub to reduce swelling in his throat and lungs while he bathed and help the lungs not to spasm. The mother called me the next day while I was at work and said her son had stopped coughing as soon as he got out of the tub and was completely well. She stopped me on the street that very afternoon while I was walking and asked me to teach her and her friends what I know about herbs and essential oils. I told her I would be happy to share everything I know with her and we are planning a class soon. The other little girl was only 2 so I made the same remedy 1/2 strength and had her mom rub 1/2 tsp. on her chest and back 2-3 times a day. I also recommended she have the little girl sip on chicken broth with garlic, onion, celery and lemon. She also called the next day saying her daughter was completely well overnight, she had been sick for almost a month.
    I made my remedy with oils that are anti-spasmodic, anti viral and anti bacterial.
    My Cough and Flu remedy is 4 oz of organic lotion, 12 drops of sage, 12 drops of chamomile, 12 drops of oregano, 12 drops of peppermint, 12 drops of orange (shake well)
    Place child in a warm Epsom Salts bath with 1 TBLS. of this blend. Rub small amt. (tsp.) on chest and back the next day 2 - 3 times.

    I know this is long but I so appreciate your products and they are a blessing to use.........Betty McCommons - Jan 16, 2007
  • I just wanted to thank you, for taking the time to follow up with me regarding my purchases. Both of our orders arrived safely and nothing was broken or damaged...and I was very very impressed with all the oils. I am so glad that we chose Green Valley to buy oils from, because I recognize the high quality of the products, and I value Green Valley's experiance in the industry. I’m really looking forward to trying more of the products offered by Green Valley in the future, and can hardly wait to place our next order. Thanks again, and I hope everyone at Green Valley has a great Holiday season and New Year !! all the best, Ryon Wexler - Dec 12, 2006
  • Because I see clients (bio-energy work) at two different locations, I purchased two sets of Chakra oils. All my clients in both places have really enjoyed them. They also keep my room smelling wonderful. Thank you, Reeva Heard, RN - Aug 2006
  • Thank You for the follow-up note regarding my past order. Everything was shipped and received as ordered and I experienced no problems with the packaging. I'd like to extend my many Thanks to your awesome company and essential oil line, and look forward to placing my next order as a return buyer and true admirer of your awesome essentials. With Sincere Thanks. C. M. Salberg, Coronado, CA - July 15, 2006
  • I was a little hesitant ordering from you the first time, not being sure of the quality of your products. It was one of my better decisions. Your service is outstanding and the quality of your oils and products is superior. I really respect that you do not sell oils that you feel are dangerous and environmentally at risk. I know that you miss sales because of those values, and yet you maintain them. I know that there are cheaper sites but I have come to trust you and the products you sell. I hadn’t planned on selling your oils, I was using them for massage and other aromatherapy items. People started asking if they could get them from me when asking about oils that I trusted. I feel very confident that your standards are such that I am sharing a quality product. I always let them know that the oils are from Green Valley and encourage them to visit your website so they can order with confidence and knowledge of your company. Thank you for quality products and the great information that is shared on your website. J. Zimmerman, May 2006
  • I absolutely love your oils. I have tried different brands over the counter at various retail outlets and just have not found anything that compares! Several years ago I had a skin cancer removed from my nose. Shortly after that I began to make up my own blend of face cream, using sandalwood, geranium, frankincense, myrrh and patchouli. Well, recently my dermatologist wanted me to use Efudex, a cream that reacts with and destroys pre-cancerous cells, basically as a precaution. This cream really "lights up" your skin, to use his phrasing-your skin gets very red and peels, looks horrible. Well, I had almost no reaction to the cream, even though he had me double up on the dose and extend the time I used it. He just shrugged it off, in part thinking (I had the impression) that I wasn't using it. Well, I recently had a keratinosis, a pre-cancerous growth show up in my hairline. I used the Efudex cream on it and lo and behold the growth and the skin in my hairline "lit up". The growth was eaten away and the skin around the growth did exactly what it was supposed to do when exposed to the Efudex. It became very red and peeled away. Now, I don't put my essential oil cream in my hairline, since I don't want my hair to look greasy. I am thoroughly convinced that the skin on my face did not react to the Efudex cream because the essential oils had worked on my skin and "cured" it! My daughter is graduating from college this year with a degree in cell biology and molecular biochemistry. She did some checking and found that Frankincense essential oil is now being tested for treatment of breast cancer! This just further convinced me that your wonderful oils have helped my skin. Thanks for all your help! C. Sykes, May 2006
  • Regarding your April (2006) Newsletter: My clients expect nothing but the highest quality of service and products. Therefore, I must support you decisions regarding pricing. You have always supplied me with the best of products, competitively priced, with extremely fast and accurate service and have always stayed true to your ideals. Again, I fully support your decision and will be happy to use you as a quality supplier in the future. B. Clark, Victoria, BC, May 2006
  • The Aromatherapy Toolkit - I LOVE this product. As a Certified Holistic Practitioner, I have found the Tool Kit "invaluable". The conciseness and ease in which I can now blend, along with the Patients File Transparencies are a dream in a busy blending situation. I just drop them into the file for reference on the next appointment. Awesome. Pam has delivered to the public an efficient and powerful tool. Anyone interested in blending for family or as a profession will find once you have used this new system, it is so quick and precise that you will not want to go without it. I encourage new and practicing Aromatherapist to bring this "scent-sational" tool into the fold of their practice. Thanks Pam, D.R.H-K, R.A., August 2005
  • The shopping experience on your site is much easier and I really like the plant pictures and descriptions that appear when you click on an essential oil name... Thanks for providing such high quality products, S.K., May 2005Products: A+++ Packaging: A+++ Shipping: A+++ Conclusion: Outstanding! Thank you! P.W.M.H, March 2005
  • Thank you for the email. I love the products that I have purchased from you and your customer service is excellent! - Megan, April 2005
  • Thanks for following up. We did receive our order and are very happy with our purchases and the services provided. thanks so much, Julie - March 2005
  • Thank you for the follow up. Yes, I am very happy with my oils. I have been buying from Green Valley Aromatherapy for several years and have always been very happy with the product and service. This is the ONLY place I buy my oils from and I've sent others to you. Keep up the great work and thanks for checking in. V.B. - March 2005
  • I received my order yesterday and so far so VERY pleased. I was so excited to experience "Buzz Me" that I created my own diffuser using a modem power supply and a computer chip cooling fan. I was truly impressed with the quality, the volitility and aroma. This morning I again used "Buzz Me" in the aromatherapy well of my steam shower and really enjoyed it. After reading the literature you sent as well I am thinking a custom blend might be fun, but I think I need to educate myself a bit more. Besides, I have quite a supply at this time. Again I think you for your patience and willingness to bend the rules for a first time order. I will mention your company to a local place and perhaps get your foot in their door. Though I do feel freight was extrememly high, I am not used to shipments to/from Canada so really have nothing to base it on. Thanks again, Walt - February 2005
  • Whenever I have had a question, you have answered it and whenever I needed advice on specific blends your suggestions have been wonderful. Last Sunday... I had a beautiful home birth with the kindest midwives... I had made a "labor blend" lotion I used prior to my really short labor (1 hour, 25 minutes) and the soothing scent was still present post delivery. I told my midwives about your website and I hope they check it out. My oldest daughter- almost three- has benefited greatly from my aromatherapy practice within my massage practice and I am sure my new baby girl will reap the rewards of natural remedies using the same oils. Thank you so much for your superior oils. My stretch marks are already fading using a stretch mark blend with your products. Thank you for your advice and help over the years I have been buying your oils. Have a Happy Valentine's Day. M.S, Dixon - California, February 2005
  • I love your catalogue!! I use mostly essential oils.. but don't practise as much as I used to. I keep your newsletters and catalogues for reference purposes.. the information in them is wonderful! ... You are doing a wonderful job! It is so exciting to see how you have grown over the past few years.. keep up the good work! Hugs to all, Pam - February 2005
  • I received the new catalogue & price list & it's excellent. I noticed the 3 new oils ...I ordered the Black Spruce & I have been using it often. It is very effective as an anti inflammatory etc. Last night, I used some Black Spruce & Lemongrass with a carrier oil on my arm which was very effective. I have very early arthritis in my acromiocablicular joint. I have just started physio treatments with excerises to strengthen the arm. I have used many different e.oil blends over the past few months on my arm which always allievated the aching & inflammation. I usually include Helichrysum & decided to take a break from it & use other oils for inflammation. I am mainly interested in Essential Oil information but I still like to be informed about your products. Thank you for being there....your supplies & staff are amazing. Kindly yours, B.M. - February 2005

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